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PROJECT 10 - What is it?

Visalus' PROJECT 10 program gives away $10,000 every week.  10 winners who lose 10 pounds (or gains 10 lbs of lean muscle).

As part of ViSalus’s NEW 90-Day Challenge, we  have unveiled Project 10 – an amazing offer — lose 10 lbs (or gain 10 lbs muscle) and WIN $1000!   No other company has enough confidence in their weight-loss and fitness plan to make an offer like that!

The following is a short ONE MINUTE video...

How does PROJECT 10 work?

ViSalus has helped millions of people lose weight, and they believe the secret to success lies in losing that first 10 lbs. Losing 10 lbs helps you look better and feel better, which in turn motivates you to keep going!

To help YOUR belief, and motivate you to get started losing, they have created PROJECT 10 — Every week in 2013 TEN thousand dollars will be won by TEN people who lose TEN pounds! That is $1000 per person, 5 male and 5 female, every single week!

PLUS everyone that loses will WIN a free “i LOST it” t-shirt! Don’t have 10 lbs to lose? Maybe you have a Fitness goal instead? No worries! You can also enter PROJECT 10 for gaining 10 lbs of lean muscle, and win a free "i BUILT it" t-shirt, and also enter to win the same $1000 in cash money!

What is PROJECT 10 Kids?

Project 10 Kids -- It's a lose win situation all around. You lose 10 lbs on the Challenge and NOT ONLY could you win $1000 AND you will get an "i LOST it" t-shirt, BUT the best part of it, is you will ALSO be helping a child who is in need of losing weight.

When you sign up under Project 10, every 10 lbs you lose, a 30 meal-replacement bag of Vi Shape shake mix will be donated in your name. Join the challenge below today and make a difference in a child's life.

How do you participate in PROJECT 10?
It’s simple!

  1. START Your Challenge (either JOIN as a customer, or PROMOTE to both participate and earn money) and selecting 1 of 5 Challenge Kits

  2. Click “Enter to Win” at to upload a valid “I WANT IT” starting video

  3. Return to when you’ve lost 10 lbs. to submit your valid “I LOST IT” entry video

  4. Enter by Thursday, and find out every Monday as we reveal our 10 winners!


Read More About PROJECT 10 here!

I’m super excited for YOU and what you will accomplish in 2013!

Contact me to get started! Need more information on delicious Vi-Shakes? I can’t wait to share this awesome program with you! Contact me below today!



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